Rock Lock in My Hero Academia, Bat Devil in Chainsaw Man, and King in One Piece (aka voice actor Gabe Kunda) to appear at Anime St. Pete 2023

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Gabe Kunda is a voice actor who also is a Grammy-nominated vocalist. He has voiced several iconic characters across various media platforms, including video games, animation, movie trailers, TV promos, and commercials.

Anime St. Pete welcomes Gabe with our 5 favorite characters that he voices from shows like My Hero Academia, Chainsaw Man, and One Piece as well as video games like Apex Legends and Valorant. And Anime St. Pete tickets are available here.

#1: bat devil in chainsaw man

Bat Devil, also known as “Aki Hayakawa,” is a captivating character in the dark and thrilling manga series “Chainsaw Man.” As a member of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, Bat Devil brings an intriguing blend of mystery and melancholy to the story. 

With his distinct appearance, including bat-like wings and piercing eyes, Bat Devil stands out among the cast of characters. His stoic and reserved demeanor hides a deep-seated internal struggle, torn between his duty as a Devil Hunter and his personal desires. Bat Devil’s powerful ability to control and manipulate shadows adds a dynamic element to his character, making him a formidable force in battles against formidable adversaries. 

As the story unfolds, Bat Devil’s complex journey and intricate character development make him a standout presence in the captivating world of “Chainsaw Man.” And Anime St. Pete tickets are available here.

#2: rock lock in my hero academia

Rock Lock, also known as Ken Takagi, is an intriguing character in the popular anime series “My Hero Academia.” As a Pro Hero and member of the hero agency, “The Lurkers,” Rock Lock exudes a strong and imposing presence. 

With his muscular physique and distinct rock-like armor, he embodies both physical strength and unwavering determination. Rock Lock’s quirk, Lock Down, allows him to create impenetrable barriers, making him a formidable defender. 

While initially portrayed as stern and gruff, Rock Lock showcases his deep loyalty and dedication to his fellow heroes and the pursuit of justice. His no-nonsense attitude and strategic thinking make him a valuable asset in battles, and his unwavering resolve inspires those around him to push forward. Rock Lock’s character adds depth and intensity to the world of “My Hero Academia,” leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

#3: king in one piece

King, also known as King the Conflagration, is a captivating character in the beloved anime and manga series “One Piece.” As one of the All-Stars and a prominent member of the Beast Pirates, King commands attention with his imposing figure and avian-inspired appearance. 

With his distinct pterodactyl-like wings and sharp claws, King embodies a formidable force in combat. His mastery of the Armament Haki and his devil fruit ability, the Ryu Ryu no Mi Model: Pteranodon, grants him immense power and agility. Despite his intimidating demeanor, King exhibits a sense of honor and loyalty, showing moments of compassion towards his comrades. 

As the story unfolds, King’s backstory and role in the series become increasingly significant, making him a captivating and enigmatic character in the vast world of “One Piece.”

#4: newcastle in apex legends

Apex Legends is a dynamic and ever-evolving game with a roster of unique characters known as Legends, each with their own distinct abilities and backgrounds.

Newcastle is a Support Legend whose tactical ability is a mobile shield, passive ability is to retrieve the wounded, and ultimate ability is the castle wall.

And Lamont Craig will use Newcastle’s armor to get into the Apex Games.

#5: kay/o in valorant

KAY/O is a captivating and highly versatile character in the tactical first-person shooter game Valorant. As an advanced combat robot, Kay/O brings a unique blend of offensive capabilities and disruptive utility to the battlefield. 

With abilities that can suppress enemy abilities, reveal enemy locations, and detonate explosive grenades, Kay/O excels at neutralizing enemy threats and creating advantageous situations for the team. 

The stoic and efficient demeanor of Kay/O’s character design perfectly complements their role as a relentless hunter, making them an invaluable asset in the ever-evolving strategies of Valorant.

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