St. Petersburg gets its first-ever anime convention aptly titled ‘Anime St. Pete’

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Anime St. Pete is a two-day celebration that will honor anime and the cosplay it inspires. The new event is on September 17-18 at the Coliseum. Guests include six popular anime voice actors and a roster of Florida’s top cosplayers. And the robust programming schedule of panels and contests provides fans with constant anime activities both days. 

And early bird tickets are available ($20 single day, $30 weekend pass limited time), and vendor applications are being accepted. Get info at

A lineup of six big anime voice actors

Anime St. Pete features a big lineup of six big anime voice actors, all of whom portray many popular characters on highly-watched shows. In addition, each voices a protagonist on a show (below in order): Aaron Dismuke voices protagonist Senku Ishigami in Dr. Stone,  Jill Harris voices protagonist Noelle Silva in Black Clover, Chris Guerrero voices protagonist Ainz Ooal Gown in Overlord, Ryan Bartley voices protagonist Rei Ayanami in Neon Genesis, Evangelion, Bryson Baugus voices protagonist Shoyo Hinata in Haikyu!!, and Dallas Reid voices protagonist Asta in Black Clover.

A roster of florida’s top cosplayers

Anime St. Pete is bringing in the best cosplayers from around the state. There are three guest cosplayers scheduled, with three more to be announced in May. All of the guest cosplayers are participating in convention panels and activities as well as serving as judges for contests. Appearing at Anime St. Pete are (below in order): @Abradorable from Crystal River, @Danaduhbuffalo from Largo, and @Elissakathryn_from Jacksonville.

4 contests will let you shine: Cosplay, lip sync, fan art, and Tiktok film festival

cosplay contest

There are two cosplay contests: ‘Craftsmanship’ on Saturday and ‘Runway’ on Sunday — each with $500 in cash prizes as well as medals.

lip sync contest

Sing your heart out in your anime cosplay to your favorite song. It’s is a battle for the most votes, tallied by audience cheering. So, bring your best performance as well as some friends to cheer you on. Awards include cash prizes and medals.

fan art contest

We love fan art! It’s that simple. So, we’re adding a fan art contest to Anime St. Pete. Cash prizes total $500, and all winners receive a cool medal.

tiktok film festival

Join us for a lively film festival of anime TikToks. From anime edits to sketch comedy to cosplay, come watch as we share the best of short form visual entertainment. Cash prizes total $500 in addition to medals.

Anime St. Pete is brought to you by the organizers of the successful St. Pete Comic Con

St. Pete Comic Con logo

Anime St. Pete is brought to fans by the organizers of St. Pete Comic Con, which recently drew 3,500 attendees to the Coliseum for the city’s first-ever comic convention. Fan reviews were glowingnews media reports were flattering, and a fan made a cool cosplay music video. In addition, Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine published a special edition on St. Pete Comic Con 2022.

“Anime St. Pete is the obvious follow-up event to St. Pete Comic Con,” said Dewey Caruthers, who organizes both conventions. “The community warmly welcomed St. Pete Comic Con, and we think they will do the same for Anime St. Pete,” he said.

St. Petersburg, the state’s fifth largest city, deserves an anime convention

“St. Petersburg deserves an anime convention,” Caruthers said, noting that The Sunshine City is the only major Florida city to not have an anime con. Metrocon in Tampa is Florida’s largest anime convention. Jacksonville has numerous anime conventions like WasabiCon and Bold City Con. Orlando also has multiple anime cons, including the popular Holiday Matsuri. And Miami has Otakufest.

sponsored by florida comic cons and florida cosplay digital magazine

Florida Comic Cons is a news website that covers conventions and cosplayers in The Sunshine State, which hosts more than 40 annual comic, anime, horror, sci-fi and fantasy, and pop culture cons. And Florida Comic Cons give you all the info on all the cons.

For example, the Con Calendar is a monthly listing of legit conventions throughout the state — a valuable tool for fans and cosplayers to plan trips. 

And check-out the blogs that preview conventions with the highlights, and provide post-con wrap-ups with cosplayer photos and cosplayer music videos.

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine is a monthly publication that showcases the best cosplayers in The Sunshine State, from the experts who win the competitions to the beginners who show promise. Recent issues:

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