Anime St. Pete offers a variety of exciting activities for attendees. From contests to panels, we have activities for everyone! 

You can learn what date and time panels, photoshoots, autographs and more are happening on our schedule by clicking that big red button!

Anime St. Pete is excited to host two dazzling cosplay competitions and celebrate the costumers that bring our favorite characters to life! 

Anime St. Pete welcomes a one-of-a-kind TikTok Film Festival to celebrate the overlap between anime fans and TikTok users. 

Winners and judges of the Anime St. Pete 2022 TikTok Film Festival pictured.


Anime St. Pete brings you a sensational Lip Sync Competition where entrants will compete for cash prizes! 

Join us in a 45 minute race to create the best fan art creation!

Anime St. Pete 2022’s Kpop/Jpop dance showcase was organized by local dance group, MilkSoda! 

 The Orlando Maid Café presented by Ready Game Begin was proud to a part of Anime St. Pete 2022!