In addition to the franchise celebrations, there are many other games represented by voice actors at Anime St. Pete 2024. From the immersive realms of World of Warcraft to the intense battles of League of Legends, there’s a fan experience for every enthusiast to enjoy. Delve into the magical world of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, unleash your inner fighter in Mortal Kombat, and answer the call of duty in the adrenaline-pumping action of Call of Duty by meeting the voice actors behind the characters. Learn more about the characters below.

alleria windrunner in world of warcraft

Alleria Windrunner is a pivotal character in the World of Warcraft universe, renowned for her exceptional skills as a ranger and her significant contributions to the Alliance’s fight against formidable enemies, including the Burning Legion. As the eldest of the Windrunner sisters, Alleria’s story is deeply intertwined with the game’s rich lore, particularly involving her family’s legacy and her mastery over the Void. Her return in World of Warcraft: Legion after being lost in the Twisting Nether for years brings new powers and profound influence to the ongoing narrative. Voiced by the talented Mara Junot, Alleria’s character is brought to life with a voice that captures her strength, wisdom, and complex emotional journey, solidifying her as a crucial and memorable figure in the game.

evelynn in league of legends

Evelynn, a captivating and deadly champion in League of Legends, is known as the Agony’s Embrace. As a demon who thrives on inflicting pain and torment, she lures her victims with her alluring appearance before revealing her true, monstrous form. Evelynn’s gameplay revolves around her stealth abilities and burst damage, making her a formidable assassin who can eliminate opponents before they even realize she’s there. Her seductive yet menacing personality is perfectly captured by the talented Mara Junot, whose voice work brings Evelynn’s dark allure and chilling presence to life, making her one of the most memorable and feared characters in the game.

sindel in mortal kombat 1 & 11

Sindel, a formidable and iconic character in Mortal Kombat 11 and Mortal Kombat 1, is renowned for her regal presence and lethal combat skills. As the Queen of Edenia, Sindel wields immense power, including her devastating banshee scream and impressive martial prowess, making her a fearsome opponent in the arena. Her tragic backstory, marked by betrayal and loss, adds layers of complexity to her character, driving her motivations and alliances within the Mortal Kombat universe. Voiced by the talented Mara Junot, Sindel’s commanding and multifaceted personality is brought vividly to life, capturing both her majestic authority and her ruthless ferocity.

gossamer in harry potter: magic awakened

Gossamer, a lively character in the immersive mobile game Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, adds a touch of mischief and charm to the wizarding world. Known for his playful antics and mischievous nature, Gossamer captures the essence of magical creatures with his endearing personality. Voiced by the talented Josey Montana McCoy, Gossamer’s character is brought to life with a voice that perfectly encapsulates his lively and spirited demeanor. McCoy’s portrayal adds depth and authenticity to Gossamer, making him a delightful and unforgettable presence in the magical universe of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

storm from the x-men

Storm, a legendary character in Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3 and Marvel’s Midnight Suns video games, is renowned for her incredible weather-manipulating powers and her role as a key member of the X-Men. With the ability to summon lightning, create powerful winds, and control various atmospheric elements, Storm is both a formidable fighter and a wise leader. Her regal demeanor and unwavering sense of justice make her a beloved and respected figure among her peers and fans alike. Voiced by the talented Mara Junot, Storm’s character is brought to life with a voice that perfectly captures her strength, grace, and commanding presence, enhancing her iconic status in the Marvel universe.

zenya in call of duty

Zeyna Ossou, a dynamic operator in Call of Duty: WarZone and Black Ops Cold War, is known for her fierce determination and tactical expertise. As a skilled guerrilla warfare specialist from Senegal, Zeyna brings a wealth of experience and a no-nonsense attitude to the battlefield. Her background in combat engineering and her proficiency with a variety of weaponry make her a versatile and formidable presence in any conflict. Zeyna’s strong, resilient character is brilliantly voiced by Mara Junot, whose performance adds depth and intensity, perfectly capturing Zeyna’s fearless spirit and unwavering commitment to her mission.

kaie ono in The world ends with you

Kaie Ono, a compelling character in the video game The World Ends with You, adds depth and mystery to the game’s rich narrative. As a key figure in the enigmatic Reaper faction, Kaie exudes an aura of secrecy and intrigue, often leaving players guessing about his true intentions. Voiced by the talented Josey Montana McCoy, Kaie’s character is brought to life with a voice that perfectly captures his enigmatic nature and cool demeanor. McCoy’s portrayal adds layers to Kaie, making him a captivating and memorable presence in The World Ends with You, contributing to the game’s immersive and engaging experience.

shoola from arcane

Shoola, a compelling character in the critically acclaimed series Arcane, adds depth and intrigue to the story with her unique abilities and complex background. As a resident of the undercity, Shoola navigates the harsh realities of a world divided by wealth and power, using her resourcefulness and resilience to survive and protect those she cares about. Her interactions with other characters reveal a multifaceted personality marked by strength, empathy, and a fierce determination to overcome the challenges she faces. Voiced by the talented Mara Junot, Shoola’s character is brought to life with a voice that captures her tenacity and emotional depth, making her a memorable and impactful presence in the Arcane universe.