The Cookie Run celebration includes voice actors who portray characters from the game as well as a theme photo meetup (more info coming soon), and free gaming (more info coming soon).

cookie run characters

In the whimsical world of Cookie Run, voice actors bring to life the endearing characters of Pine Cone and Butter Roll. Voiced by the talented Mara Junot, Pine Cone is known for his rugged charm and adventurous spirit, adding a touch of wilderness to the cookie universe. Butter Roll, voiced by the equally talented Josey Montana McCoy, brings sweetness and delight with his delectable appearance and playful personality. Together, these characters capture the imagination of fans with their unique traits and charm, making them beloved additions to the colorful world of Cookie Run. Learn more below.

Cookie Run is a delightful endless running game developed by Devsisters Corporation, where players control various cookie characters as they dash through whimsical, obstacle-filled landscapes. With vibrant graphics, catchy music, and addictive gameplay, Cookie Run challenges players to dodge obstacles, collect coins, and power-ups, all while racing to achieve the highest score possible. The game’s charming characters, customizable outfits, and frequent updates keep players coming back for more, making it a beloved title among mobile gamers worldwide.

mara junot: voice actor in cookie run

Pinecone, a delightful character from Cookie Run, is known for his rugged charm and adventurous spirit. With a tough exterior and a heart of gold, Pinecone brings a sense of wilderness and resilience to the cookie universe. His unique abilities, inspired by his forest origins, make him a formidable player in any adventure, as he navigates challenges with agility and strength. Pinecone’s character is brought to life by the talented Mara Junot, whose voice perfectly captures his hardy yet warm personality, adding depth and authenticity to this beloved character in the Cookie Run series.

kieran regan: Voice actor in cookie run

Butter Roll, a charming character in the mobile game Cookie Run, is known for his buttery smoothness and delightful personality. With a rich, golden exterior and an optimistic outlook, Butter Roll brings warmth and cheer to the Cookie Run universe. He embodies the comforting qualities of a freshly baked roll, exuding friendliness and a can-do attitude that inspire his fellow cookies. Voiced by Kieran Regan, Butter Roll comes to life with a voice that perfectly captures his inviting and enthusiastic nature. Regan’s performance adds an extra layer of sweetness to the character, making Butter Roll a beloved and memorable part of the Cookie Run game.