Anime St. Pete 2023 announces guest cosplayers Cassandra Ariel, Breezy Cos, Gravity Gremlin, Avera Cosplay

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Anime St. Pete 2023 guest cosplayers

Anime St. Pete 2023 will feature four talented guest cosplayers hailing from Orlando, Jacksonville, and Fort Myers. All are experienced guest cosplayers who collectively have nearly 125,000 Instagram followers. 

And you can see their artistic abilities showcased at Anime St. Pete 2023 on September 30 – October 1 at the historic Coliseum in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg. The guest cosplayers — Cassandra Ariel, Breezy Cos, Gravity Gremlin, and Avera Cosplay — will be hosts and judges of the cosplay contests, TikTok Film Festival, and lip sync competition. In addition, they will be hosting panels. Learn more about them below.

Orlando-based Cassandra Ariel has been on the cosplay scene for 8 years, and she has become a guest cosplayer in high demand — having guested at MegaCon Orlando several times as well as Cosplay World, and Fan Expo Canada. She will be a judge for the cosplay contests.

Southwest Florida-based cosplayer Breezy Cos has been cosplaying for 8 years, and has been a cosplay guest at several Florida conventions including Brick City Anime Festival. She is best known for her Yor Forger cosplays, which she has many variations, as well as the panel “WonderWeebs” that she co-hosts with Bumble.Bees Cosplay at cons throughout the state.

She will be the host for the Lip Sync Competition, and be a judge for the Runway Cosplay Contest. Also, you can visit her in alcove 1.

Jacksonville-based guest cosplayer Gravity Gremlin has been cosplaying for more than a decade. And her favorite character to cosplay is Chuuya Nakahara from Bungo Stray Dogs, which she has more than 20 costume variations. Gravity Gremlin’s booth, which is by the main stage, is a large Bungo Stray Dogs photo space — stop by for a snap! Also, she will be a judge for the cosplay contests.

Fort Myers-based Avera Cosplay is one of the top cosplayers in the nation, having won major awards at the largest and most prestigious conventions like DragonCon, MegaCon Orlando, and Florida SuperCon. She also runs the Anime St. Pete cosplay contests.