Mikey from Tokyo Revengers, Hop from Pokemon, and Michizou from Bungo Stray Dogs (aka voice actor A.J. Beckles) to appear at Anime St. Pete 2023

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A.J. Beckles, a prominent voice actor in the anime industry, has garnered a devoted following with his exceptional talent and versatility. With a captivating voice that can effortlessly transition between various tones and emotions, Beckles has breathed life into a wide range of beloved characters. 

Whether portraying heroes, villains, or comedic personalities, he demonstrates a remarkable ability to capture the essence of each role with precision and authenticity. Beckles’ dedication to his craft and his ability to evoke powerful emotions through his performances have solidified his reputation as a sought-after talent in the world of anime voice acting. With his distinct vocal range and undeniable charisma, A.J. Beckles continues to leave a lasting impression on both fans and industry professionals alike.

Anime St. Pete welcomes A.J. with our 6 favorite characters that he voices from shows like Tokyo Revengers, Pokemon, Bungo Stray Dogs, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, Cookie Run, and Shaman King. And Anime St. Pete tickets are available here.

#1: Mikey in tokyo revengers

Mikey, the lead character in the thrilling series “Tokyo Revengers,” is a charismatic and enigmatic leader of the notorious gang, Tokyo Manji-kai. With his striking silver hair and piercing gaze, Mikey commands both fear and respect from his fellow gang members and rivals alike. 

But despite his tough exterior, Mikey possesses a deeply loyal and compassionate nature, fiercely protecting those he cares about. His leadership skills and strategic thinking make him a force to be reckoned with, while his unwavering belief in friendship and justice inspires those around him. 

And Mikey’s complex personality and layered character development make him a captivating presence in “Tokyo Revengers,” leaving viewers eagerly anticipating each twist and turn in his enthralling story.

#2: Hop in Pokemon

Hop, a spirited and enthusiastic character from the Pokémon franchise, brings an infectious energy and unwavering determination to his role as a rival and friend to the player. With his trademark cap and vibrant personality, Hop embodies the essence of youthful exuberance and serves as a constant source of motivation throughout the game. 

His journey is defined by his unwavering belief in his own abilities and his desire to grow stronger alongside his Pokémon team. As the player’s friendly rival, Hop’s evolution from a wide-eyed novice to a formidable trainer showcases his resilience and showcases the power of friendship and perseverance in the world of Pokémon.

#3: michizou in bungo stray dogs

Michizou, a memorable character from the captivating series “Bungo Stray Dogs,” adds a touch of mystery and intrigue to the narrative. 

As a member of the enigmatic Port Mafia, Michizou exudes an air of quiet confidence and intelligence. Clad in his signature hat and carrying an air of mystique, he possesses an uncanny ability to manipulate shadows and darkness, making him a formidable adversary. 

Despite his enigmatic nature, Michizou harbors a deeply caring and protective side, displaying unwavering loyalty to his comrades. His enigmatic presence and complex motives make him an intriguing character, leaving audiences eager to uncover the secrets and depth behind Michizou in each episode of “Bungo Stray Dogs.”

#4: kaname from bleach

Kaname Tosen, a complex character in the “Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War” arc, presents a compelling portrayal of internal conflict and moral ambiguity. As a former captain of the 9th Division in the Soul Society, Tosen is driven by a deep-rooted desire for justice and a hatred for the perceived injustices of the world. 

With his striking appearance, featuring sunglasses and a unique Hollow-like mask, Tosen possesses exceptional combat abilities and the power to manipulate his senses. 

However, as the arc progresses, his allegiance becomes shrouded in uncertainty as his motivations and loyalties come into question. Tosen’s tragic past and his ultimate choices make him a thought-provoking character, showcasing the complexities of righteousness and the blurred lines between good and evil in the “Bleach” universe.

#5: poison mushroom in cookie run

Poison Mushroom, a mischievous and unpredictable character in the whimsical world of Cookie Run, adds a delightful twist to the gameplay experience. 

With its distinct purple hue and devilish grin, Poison Mushroom is known for its ability to sow chaos and hinder players’ progress. While other cookies are focused on collecting rewards and achieving high scores, Poison Mushroom challenges players to navigate its hazardous presence with caution. Its unique mechanics, such as causing players to shrink or slowing their movements, make it a memorable and challenging element of the game. 

Despite being a formidable obstacle, Poison Mushroom’s inclusion in Cookie Run adds an element of surprise and strategy, ensuring that players remain on their toes and providing an additional layer of excitement to the beloved mobile game.

#6: joco in shaman king

Joco McDonnell, a vibrant and charismatic character in the Shaman King series, brings an infectious energy and comedic relief to the story. 

With his flamboyant appearance, complete with a brightly colored mohawk and flashy outfits, Joco is a lively presence that stands out among the cast of shamans. Known for his love of pranks and his penchant for mischief, 

And Joco’s witty banter and lighthearted nature provide a refreshing contrast to the intense battles and serious moments in the series. While his comedic antics may initially mask his true abilities, Joco proves to be a skilled and resourceful shaman, adding depth to his character and surprising both his friends and foes. 

It is Joco McDonnell’s lively personality and his ability to uplift spirits that makes him a beloved fan-favorite in the Shaman King universe

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