New Convention, Anime St. Pete, Introduces a Spectacular Fan-Art Contest with $200 in Cash Prizes

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Anime St. Pete is a two-day celebration that will honor anime and the cosplay it inspires. The new event is on September 17-18 at the Coliseum and tickets are on sale now. Guests include six popular anime voice actors and a roster of Florida’s top cosplayers. Additionally, the robust programming schedule of panels and contests provides fans with constant anime activities both days. Anime St. Pete is especially excited to introduce a Fan Art Contest where creators can compete for $200 in cash prizes!

What is fan art?

Fan art is any artwork featuring characters from the anime and manga we love! It’s how many artists begin drawing and a great way to make friends in the community! 

Fan art can be created in any medium. Traditional mediums include colored pencils, markers, paint, crayons, and more. Phones, tablets, and computers can be canvases as well with digital fan art! No matter how you create your art, we can’t wait to see it! 

fan art contest

Attendees of all ages are welcome to enter the Anime St. Pete Fan Art Contest! Please keep fan art related to anime, manga, or video games of Japanese and/or Asian influence. 

Fan art submissions will be on display for convention guests to admire all weekend. Also, there will be $200 in cash prizes awarded to winners. Contest results will be announced on Sunday, September 18th. 

How to Enter

Share your creativity and submit your own fan art! Anyone is welcome to enter with valid admission to Anime St. Pete. Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines! We want to see artwork of all kinds! 

Submissions are open now and will close on September 10th. 

Read more about the rules and submit your fan art entries here!  

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