Elevating the Fun: Unveiling Two New Free Activities at Anime St. Pete 2023!

Scavenger Hunt Bingo: Embark on an immersive adventure as you tackle our Scavenger Hunt Bingo challenge, specially crafted to engage your wits and keep your fun at its peak each day. With maps available at the entrance info desk, you’ll navigate the convention with a purpose, seeking out hidden treasures and unique sights. It’s a chance to uncover the unexpected, forge connections with fellow attendees, and make lasting memories. Cross off the boxes on your bingo card, and who knows – you might just emerge victorious with a prize in hand and a sense of triumph in your heart.

 Raffles: Get ready for a dose of anticipation and excitement with our raffles that occur three times per day. Get your raffle ticket at the entrance info desk, and place your ticket in one of several raffle boxes, each representing a prize. And prizes include anime merch as well as free tickets to St. Petersburg conventions like Holiday Cosplay Tampa Bay 2023 on Dec. 2-3 and St. Pete Comic Con 2024 on Jan. 6-7. Each attendee receives 1 free raffle ticket along with the event ticket. And attendees have the option to purchase additional tickets for $1.